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Tien Kuei

Founding Trustee

Tien specialises in ‘3rd wave’ CBT approaches, which focuses on compassionate yet precise behavioural focused treatments. Tien’s expertise are in Acceptance & Commitment therapy (ACT) and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) and contributes to the clinical development of the FAP field as well as presents FAP training workshops for clinicians internationally. She has worked in both the primary care sector and with the Priory Hospital with adults across a variety of mental health and life issues.

Tien is currently reading a PhD with the University of Glasgow researching the behavioural components of effective therapeutic relationship to foster change. She has worked as a research therapist for UCH/UCL in an ACT based RCT for terminal cancer patients.

Tien experienced her first charity work with Commit and ACT, who offers ACT training to health workers in Sierra Leone ( After visiting the country and seeing how effective behavioural treatments can translate across culture and used to strengthen communities, she wants to provide cutting-edge evidence-based CBT treatments to more people in the UK, by offering training in these skills to PoM therapists in order to provide behavioural treatments to our clients, as well as create communities to support change.

George Panayiotou


George grew up with a mother who suffered from mental illnesses and it was something he hid for a while as it was always frowned upon. This was something he felt embarrassed of, but today this is the reason why he wants to help other people with the same issues and offer the support that he wished his mother could have had.

George Panayiotou is a property investor and developer across a variety of asset classes from residential, hotel, commercial and leisure. With an investment and long term strategy in place to grow and create, not only key businesses and new start-ups, George also wanted to create something meaningful through The Peace of Mind charity. This is something very close to George’s heart as he recognises the most powerful tool you have in life is your mind, and mastering how to control your mind in situations that can challenge you, in business as well as personally.

George is a key fund-raiser and donor helping us to offer evidence-based psychotherapy to more people without the means to access them. He is also passionate about building supportive communities that can help people shape their mind-set which in term will assist people to shape their future.

Ross white


Ross is the Research Director on the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology training programme at the University of Liverpool. He leads the ‘Mental Health in Context’ research group at the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, University of Liverpool, which investigates how mental health is affected by dynamic interactions between people, places & spaces.

Ross has a keen research interest in Global Mental Health. His global Mental Health research interests include a focus on evaluating the efficacy of psychological interventions in low- and middle-income countries. This includes investigating processes involved in the linguistic/cultural adaptation of psychological interventions. He is also involved in research evaluating the acceptability, efficacy and cost-effective of psychological interventions for refugees and asylum-seekers.

Ross brings his wealth of knowledge of psychotherapy across cultures and training expertise in ACT to help shape our therapist training at PoM, so our treatment can be relevant to the diverse population we have in the UK.